April Watts

Collections and Connections

Collections, whether they be your own or others, are great places to find awesome people to start connecting with. Now, with your collections being displayed below your page, it’s easier than ever to see others with mutual interests and very quickly find other about.me community members to interact with.

Look back at your collections

We all have collections that we’ve forgotten about, people we were supposed to follow up with and never did, pages we meant to go back and browse, so if you’re looking for even more people to connect with on about.me, start with your collections.  Can’t find them? While signed in, scroll to the very bottom of your page and click “See All My Collections” to find all of yours.

Collections for Connections

Check out your friends’ collections

It’s a given that you have things in common with your friends,  so try taking a look at your friends’ collections. Chances are you’ll have shared interests with the people your friends have in their collections making their collections another great place to start looking for about.me connections.

Search your favorite pages

Tom Schuck

If you like a person and his or her page a lot, it’s likely the people they’ve complimented or have in their collections share a similar aesthetic or interest that you might share as well. So if you find a page you really like, search their collections to find other similarly interesting people you can connect with.

Have patience and fun

Sure it may take a while to find people you want to reach out to and connect with further, but in all your searching, don’t forget to have fun. Listen to the embedded tracks of the musical people you come across, watch some of the Youtube videos others have posted or read their funny Tweets. Maybe you won’t have everything in common but you might appreciate aspects of their pages or personalities. And if you do, compliment them! It can be a great way to start a dialogue.

Collections and Connections