Masters of Film: Art, Movement and Sound

Curious what it’s like to live and breathe film? Look no further.

From music composition to video production, these three community members master their crafts. René, Katie and Muratcan blend creative genius with thoughtful storytelling and the results, as you’ll see on their pages, are truly captivating.

Learn what a day in their lives looks like and trace their journeys to success, including all of the road bumps along the way.

René G. Boscio is a film composer, singer and songwriter. Growing up listening to punk rock and playing the guitar, René decided to pursue classical composition in college. Learn about René’s transition to composing music for films, commercials and TV shows. Read more →

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In the Studio with Video Game Music Artist Idan Egozy

Last Friday you may have seen some of our favorite deskies and today we’re excited to continue our Deskie series with Idan Egozy.

“Do what you love and the money will follow” is a quote job seekers and college students often hear. But it’s not always the case you get to do what you love. You could say Idan is one of the lucky ones.

With a perpetual love for video games and music, as young adult he also developed a deeper love for music and decided to study it in college. When he graduated from university with a degree in music production he figured it just made sense to combine these two loves and become a Video Game Music Artist.

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