3 Inspiring Female Founders to Discover

All over the world, there are inspiring women building companies that harness their talent, passion and intelligence. Today, we’d like you to meet three female founders who are going after their dreams. These women are creating companies that mean something to them. Who will inspire you today?

New York City-based Amy Merrill, featured in our header photo, is a social entrepreneur who co-founded Journey, a company that creates unique travel experiences that combine purpose, adventure, and community. With Journey, you can help fund and build a home in South America and then enjoy a weekend full of surfing, yoga, and mindfulness.



As a veteran digital marketer, Arisha Smith executes successful digital and social advertising campaigns flawlessly. Currently living in Dallas, Texas, Arisha runs Idyllic Interactive, a digital agency that helps large and small businesses accelerate their marketing.



If you have any questions on being an entrepreneur in today’s world, Amanda Larrinaga should be your go to. As the founder of Modern Entrepreneur, this Montana-based CEO helps aspiring entrepreneurs build their businesses from step one.


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