5 People You Want to Share a Coffee With

Need a coffee break? Discover five people who love a good cup o’ coffee any time of day.

These coffee-lovers enjoy the simplicity of brewing their own pot at home, or you can find them behind the counter at your local coffee spot. Wherever they are, they love to discuss everything from macchiatos to what a flat white is with you any day.

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San Francisco-based Ryan Smith is a digital innovator who loves a good cup of coffee. Check out his Spotlight to listen to his favorite music.


Kiana Lunasco is passionate about the art of coffee roasting and is currently working at Equator Coffee & Teas. Want to learn more about coffee? Give her a shout.


If you want a good cup of coffee, Nolo Botana is your guy. Based in Madrid, Nolo spends his days training the next wave of baristas and snapping awesome Instagram pics.


Next time you’re in San Francisco, make a pit stop at one of the city’s Blue Bottle cafes and you just might see Felix Uribe. When he’s not making drinks, Felix can be found exploring his city and capturing powerful portraits.


As a writer and filmmaker in Denver, Colorado, Katy Palmer spends her days telling stories. You can find her enjoying comedy around the city or brewing a cup of coffee at home.

Zoë Björnson is an Editorial + Social Media Coordinator with about.me. She is a graduate of Tulane University. You can find her on Twitter @kzoeb.