Winter Sports Enthusiasts

Let it snow!

This week, we celebrate snowboarders and skiers from Ontario, Zurich, Maine and California. Erich, Shirley, Merlin and Hilary love the outdoors, specifically in the winter when they can hit the slopes. Read on to dive into each of their stories.

Erich Meier, whose photo heads off this post, comes to us from Zurich Switzerland. Erich is a systems engineer who enjoys skiing, hiking, running, traveling and spending time with friends.


Shirley Lui is a marketing manager from Toronto, Ontario. Shirley loves to snowboard and is an aspiring yogi. Shirley specializes in digital marketing, specifically social media and creative direction.


Based in Sacramento, California, Merlin Susa believes that life begins when he’s outside of his comfort zone. Merlin loves to snowboard and studied Communications at Sacramento State University.


Hilary Nangle is a freelance writer from Maine. Hilary specializes in travel, food, arts and heritage. An avid skier, Hilary is also a former whitewater rafting guide.


Anna Lizaur is a Marketing Manager with She graduated from the University of Virginia. Anna is fluent in Spanish and can count to 100 in Chinese.