Passport To Italy

Benvenuto in Italia!

This week we travel to Italy, home to many talented artists, entrepreneurs, athletes and authors in our community. Today we’re given a snapshot of a day in the Italian life through the pages of Stefania, Marco, Gaia and Maurizio. We hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as we do.

Stefania Micòl Sabrina Ciocca is a photographer, writer and social media specialist living in Italy. Stefania has a BA in History of Performing Arts and enjoys blogging and theater.


Marco Benatti is an Italian entrepreneur who founded the first media center in Italy, Medianetwork and created the first internet portal in Italy, Virgilio in 1995. Marco loves architecture and photography.


Gaia Manco is a multilingual multimedia journalist who writes and produces reports on society, development, culture, science, healthcare and international affairs (to name a few). Gaia likes building websites and learning new languages.


Maurizio Pesce is a travel and burger enthusiast living in Milan, Italy. Maurizio is a tech editor at Wired Italy and a freelance contributor to Wired USA.


Anna Lizaur is a Marketing Manager with She graduated from the University of Virginia. Anna is fluent in Spanish and can count to 100 in Chinese.

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