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The Game Changers: Staff Picks

We’ve seen some amazing profiles in the past few weeks, but this week it’s all about the go getters in our community. This group of Staff Picks are working around the world, hoping to leave their mark as best they can.

This week we’re starting off with University of Nebraska student and aspiring entrepreneur, Kat Slump, seen in our header photo. Kat is passionate about the tech industry and spreading the word about personal branding to students.

Antonio Eram about.me

Antonio Éram is a true global citizen, commuting between California and Romania regularly. He is constantly seeking his next challenge, all while enjoying life’s path.

Jennifer Gaona about.me

A Bay Area-native, Jennifer Gaona is ready for her next adventure. She’s got a long list of aspirations, from being an actress to a creative director, and is ready to tackle them all.

Phil Echols about.me

Phil Echols wants to inspire others to become the best version of themselves. As a school counselor and through his company, Become Better, he does just that.