All Around the World with Feature Friday

It’s Friday and today we’re excited to be featuring the pages of four of our community members from around the world who submitted themselves to our #FFaboutme contest.

If you don’t see your page on this week’s #FFaboutme you can always try for next week by adding your URL to your Twitter bio and tweeting at us @aboutdotme with the hashtag, #FFaboutme. And don’t forget, to have a picture of you and your lovely face in your background photo! For tips about what we’re looking for in a page, check out this post!

In today’s header we have Chilean computer scientist Luis Miguel Gómez Calfumil who, in his spare time, enjoys listening to music, reading books and manga and spending time with  friends.

Lynette Hundermark on

Gadget girl, mobile specialist and the co-founder of a mobile solutions consultancy, Lynette Hundermark, speaks frequently at tech & mobile conferences in her home city of Cape Town, South Africa,

Peter Chalder-Wood on

We’re impressed by Peter Chalder-Wood’s background photo, cell phone, “selfie” which manages to capture not just him, but the beautiful landscape of Northern England which he’s so proud to be from.

Melissa Cardin on

A community job specialist based in New Hampshire, Melissa Cardin is a member of the National Resume Writers Association, Girl Scout troop leader, passionate reader and knitter.