Students and Fashionistas: Staff Picks

Everyday at we find more and more beautiful pages made by our amazing community. That’s why our Staff Picks page is constantly full of fascinating people and the pages that tell their stories. So if you haven’t checked our Staff Picks this week, have a quick peek at some of our favorites here. If you enjoy browsing their pages, don’t forget to leave them some compliments!

Lara Olmo de Miguel, a journalist and marketing trainee, heads up today’s post with her photo. Passionate about learning new things, when she’s not working Lara enjoys traveling, fashion and spending time in nature.

Che Pablo Álvarez on

A singer, songwriter and actor from Venezuela, Che Pablo Álvarez who can boast having two songs from his band, Bulevar in the country’s top 10 chart, is currently studying filmmaking in Barcelona, Spain.

Yasmin Daguilh on

A recent New York University graduate, Yasmin Daguilh is looking for entry level positions in media production, especially in fashion, an area she’s extremely passionate about.

Thomas Teoh on

Veteranarian and Ph.D student at the University of Melbourne, Thomas Teoh recently wrote a piece on our student promotion with Namecheap. You can find it on his blog, linked to his page.

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