Nini Marini on

Design, Technology and Millenials: Staff Picks

Our Staff Picks page is constantly full of fascinating people and stories, this week is no exception. Below we’ve selected four of our favorite pages from this week. We hope you enjoy browsing them and don’t forget to leave them some compliments!

In our header photo today we have Nini Marini who you may recognize from our new Editing Tools page. Nini, also known as Marini Ramlan she is the head of content innovation at Primeworks Studios. When she’s not working you can find her painting, illustrating, designing and generally being creative.

Andrew Crow on

The head of design at Uber, Andrew Crow has a special love for product, brand strategy and, of course, design. He is also an advisor at Code for America, a teacher, musician and speaker.

Amber Aziza on

Amber Aziza is an entrepreneur, Oprah evangelist and millennial who focuses on helping other millennials live better lives. She has a special passion for shoes and shoe shopping.

daniel malkafly on

Also called Malk, Daniel Malkafly is Brazilian developer living in São Paulo. Aside from technology, his hobby is playing in a heavy metal band called Dark Inquisition.