4 Amazing Travelers and Founders

In case you haven’t had a chance to check out this week’s Staff Picks page we’ve gone ahead and grabbed a few highlights for you. Below you’ll find our top four favorite pages of the week, chosen for their beautiful pages and inspiring stories. Take minute to browse them and don’t forget to leave them some compliments!

To start off, we have Katalin Bognar, an IT recruitment consultant currently based in Malta, just one of the five countries she’s lived in over the years. A fitness fiend and cat lover, she’s definitely got the travel bug and is constantly thinking of where to go next!

Fredrick Rege on about.me

Born in Kenya, Fredrick Rege is living the American dream as a customer experience manager, photographer and devoted father and husband. He likes to golf and prefers lagers to ales.

Suzannah Scully on about.me

An executive coach, speaker and blogger, Suzannah Scully lives in Marin County, California. When she’s not working you might find her practicing yoga, at the library or watching a movie.

Brett King on about.me

Brett King is the founder of Moven, the first downloadable bank account, a four-time Amazon bestselling author and radio show host.

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