Keeping in Touch through Intro

In last week’s tips post, we talked about sending an Intro and just how easy it is to do. It’s so easy we’re betting you’ll be able to send one even faster than you can find and hand out your physical business cards.

But now that you’ve sent an Intro, what do you do next? Well, with the contact information of your new acquaintance saved in the app, you’ll want to take some action to keep in touch, learn more about your new friend, and avoid suffering from “business card amnesia“. To see that information, just open the menu and choose the “My Shares” section. There you’ll see all the people to whom you’ve sent Intros, along with the dates you sent them and the city from where they were sent.

Shared With Me

The “My Shares” looks identical to the “Shared With Me” section


If your friend input the email address she uses for her page, in your “My Shares” list you’ll see her background photo (as above). Just by tapping on her photo you’ll be able to learn more about her by visiting her page. Or you can tap the small box in the bottom right corner of her photo to open an action list. From there you can send her an email, add her to your phone’s list of contacts, or even call or text her based on the information she shares on her page.

But what if your new acquaintance doesn’t have a page and just shared her email address?  Never fear, you’ll still be able to email her right from your phone and add her to your list of contacts. Finally, if you’ve just received the phone number of someone new, you can directly call or text her from your phone or add her to your contacts as well.

It’s as easy as sending an Intro and just as important to check your My Shares page so you can remember who you met, when you met, and be sure to keep in touch.

Note for our Android users: these tips are for you too as we’re working on a version of Intro for Android. Stay tuned to our blog and follow us on Twitter @aboutdotme for more news on the future release.