The Ease of Sending An Intro

In the past we’ve given you tips on writing your bio for Intro, adding a photo to your page for Intro, and controlling what you share with Intro. In general, we’ve prepped you for sending an impressive Intro. But have you actually sent one yet?

If not, you probably met someone new over the holidays or will be meeting new people very soon with the hustle and bustle of the new year, so now is a great time to start sending Intros. Plus, it’s simple to do and takes only a few seconds. Here’s how it’s done.


Open the app and in the first field you see (the screen above), enter the Email, Phone Number, or username of the person you’ve just met. By pressing send now, you will send just your page. However, if you’d like to also share your phone number or email address, you can select those as well. Now, press “Send Intro” and that’s it.  You’ve just sent your first Intro and saved your new contact’s information all in the time it would have taken you to find your business cards.

Have and iPhone but don’t have Intro yet? You can download it here. For all of you Android fans out there, this tutorial is for you too as we’re working on a version of Intro for Android. Be sure to follow us @aboutdotme for up to the moment information on the eventual release.

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