2 Things You Didn’t Know About Intro

It’s been almost two months since we released Intro for iOS, and are excitedly working on a version for Android. Yet there are still a couple of things you might not know about our digital business card app.

1) You don’t need an about.me page to download Intro

If you already have a page when you download the app, that’s great just click the blue “Log In with about.me” button to sign in and start sending intros. But if you or a friend forget your business cards, never fear; you can still download the app and start sending intros in minutes. Just click the “Sign Up with Facebook” button and you’ll instantly have a page created from your Facebook profile. And that’s it, you’re ready to start sending intros!

Later on, take a minute to sign into your page and update your bio and photo so they’re optimized for Intro

Signup for Intro

2) You can send an Intro even when you’re not in the same room

While sending an Intro right when you meet someone is ideal, we realize you’re not always going to be in the ideal situation. If you only had a chance to grab a person’s business card instead of exchanging information, Intro can be used for follow ups. After your meeting, simply enter the email address into the send field of the app, select to send your email address or phone number along with the page and hit send (example in our header photo). You’ve just sent a follow up which will put a face to a name and is easy to remember.

Those are just two things you might not have known about Intro and two reasons you should download the app right now.


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