Amazing careers and awesome travels: Featured Friday

It’s almost the weekend and we’re excited to have so many entries for this week’s Featured Friday. Don’t forget to check them out below and in our post header of David McCallum.  This week’s in depth features have been all about interesting career paths from a video game music artist to an SEO marketing expert but David may have the most interesting career of all. This single dad has been everything from a shellfish farmer in British Columbia to a Financial Securities advisor! Check out his page to learn more!

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Anthony Shipp

We love Anthony Shipp‘s background photo and couldn’t help but clicking to learn more about this entrepreneur, world traveler, combat veteran and supply chain leader based in Hawaii.

Dena Trugman

Currently a rabbinical student at Hebrew College in Boston, Dena Trugman has previously worked for NPR Music and as a criminal defense investigator for The Public Defender service for Washington D.C.