A Backstory Milestone

We created Backstory to enable you to connect your professional experiences, accomplishments, and aspirations to who you are as a person. In the few weeks since it launched, more than 75,000 members of our community have added their work experience, personal philosophies, and dream job locations to their page. We could not be happier with the response. In celebration of our 75,000th Backstory we’d like share some real life examples of how people are using Backstory.

How people are using Backstory

Many members of the about.me community are sharing their Backstory with recruiters as they apply for jobs. This was the case for Zoë Björnson, our newest college outreach coordinator. She used her Backstory and got the job! Check out her post for tips on how you can do the same!

Zoe Backstory

Nick Chmura uses the resume section of his Backstory to show his current work experience. He also takes advantage of the quote section to share his personal work philosophy. Since adding Backstory to his page, he’s connected and swapped advice with other customer service and sales professionals across the globe.

Nick Backstory

There are so many different uses for Backstory. No matter how you use it, we think it will help you to better showcase your personal and professional self. So, how are you using Backstory? We’d like to hear about it so tell us in the comment section or on Twitter.

If you haven’t added your Backstory yet, now is the perfect time!

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