Writers, Pilots and Marketing Specialists: Featured Friday

It’s Friday and today we’re not just excited that the weekend starts tomorrow, but that we get to feature four beautiful pages submitted to us through this week’s #FFaboutme contest!

If you don’t see your page on this week’s #FFaboutme you can always try for next week by adding your about.me URL to your Twitter bio and tweeting at us @aboutdotme with the hashtag, #FFaboutme. Don’t forget to have a picture of you and your lovely face in the background of your page in order to be eligible.

Sebastien Dubey

Sébastien Dubey is and has been a marketing specialist for McDonalds in Switzerland for many years and has an interest in digital technology.

Stephanie Sparer

Looking for some addicting reading material? Check out freelance writer, Stephanie Sparer‘s page to see her book and pieces published on the Huffington Post, Hello Giggles and Thought Catalogue.

Neil Reagan

A private pilot, sportsman, avid linux user and gearhead, Neil Reagan, of Tennessee, is a man of many talents!

Mark L. Sheppard

Mark L. Sheppard is a learning development practitioner who is fascinated by the learning process and lives by the code that learning is ongoing, not event based.