Students of the Week: Hoosiers at Heart (Indiana University)

This week’s student highlights were chosen from Indiana University, where last week our co-founder Tony Conrad spoke on the importance of entrepreneurship and visual storytelling. Our four featured Hoosiers are a dancer, weekend warrior, entrepreneur, and world traveller. 

Griffin SinnWhile not operating as the CFO of IU’s student entrepreneurship organization or traveling the world, Griffin Sinn is hard at work patenting and launching several products hitting the market in 2015.

Cindy CogswellCindy Cogswell is a doctoral student and recipe rebel. She enjoys baking new things, volunteering for IU’s greek life, and taking weekend road trips.

Adam SobolAdam Sobol doesn’t believe in “wantrepreneurship”. While in college, he started an online marketplace for collegiate sports tickets.

Haley McElweeHaley McElwee is a midwesterner ready for the big city. She is excited to share her creativity and teach expression through dance.

6 picks for Bloomington:

  1. Cherished by current students and alumni alike, Nick’s English Hut is an IU staple. For those of age, experience a unique IU tradition by playing Sink the Biz.
  2. Stopping by in the winter, check out Assembly Hall, home of IU Basketball.
  3. For a picturesque view check out the Sample Gates anchoring Kirkwood Avenue to campus
  4. No matter your cuisine, 4th street is sure to have something for you. It’s varied ethnic restaurants are simply delicious.
  5. For the adventurous type, tucked just a few miles away is Lake Monroe where you can soak up some sun on a sand beach, Standup Paddleboard, and more!
  6. “The Greatest College Weekend On Earth” is none other than the Little 500 bike race. Made famous by the 1979 movie Breaking Away!