Inspiration for a Great Backstory

Since we announced the release of Backstory just a few short weeks ago we’ve seen the people using Backstory in beautiful and creative ways. Today, we’d like to highlight some of these people and their Backstories. If you still haven’t added Backstory to your page be sure to check out the ones below to get some ideas and inspiration for yours.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out Jessica Riley‘s page (with her awesome photo that appears in our post header) and Backstory. Jessica uses her page and resume section of her Backstory to talk about her experience as a freelance Marketing and Creative Strategy Manager. Then she uses the map section to show off the fact that she’s currently taking on clients in San Francisco.

Rohit Sharma As a partner at True Ventures, Rohit Sharma uses his Backstory to show some of the companies he’s invested in and his extensive experience as an investor and CEO.

Mary McQuilkin A nurse, Mary McQuilkin uses her page and Backstory to share her goals for healthcare and her experience with working in diverse communities from Uganda to Baltimore city. Her map shows she’s now looking for positions in San Francisco.

Alex LeiphartA current student at Northern Arizona University, Alex Leiphart uses his Backstory to show off his experience as a young entrepreneur and graphic designer.

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  1. The “backstory” is a great concept but is somewhat “clinical” in appeal… that is ok for clinicitians but for the visual arts….not too appealing… I think they should include a tool that would enable more artistic expressions….The “backstory” is clearly deficient for some!

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