How to Write a Compelling Career Objective

When you’re putting together your resume and searching for jobs, it’s a good idea to start by writing a career objective. This objective consists of a couple of sentences which tell recruiters what sort of jobs you’re looking for and a bit about your experience and skills. It should also pique the reader’s interest and get them to keep reading your resume. While it may seem like a lot to pack into a few sentences, it could be the difference in your resume being overlooked or actually read.

Whether you’re applying to a specific position or just sending out resumes, hiring managers will appreciate seeing a quick summary at the top of your resume. Plus, if you’re applying to a specific position, the hiring manager will see you took the time to customize your resume. If you’re not responding to any specific job post, a recruiter will know where you might fit into the company.

Also, when writing an objective, be sure to keep it short and sweet. One to two sentences on what you are hoping to do and the skills you bring to the table are sufficient. And, be specific. Writing in generalities will mean every job is the right fit for you and you may end up with offers for positions you’re not interested in. Now, here are some examples of well written career objectives.

Customer Service Representative with 4 years of experience in telephone and face-to-face sales. Aiming to use my communication skills to fill the managerial role in your company.

Computer Scientist with formal & professional training in Java, php, and Ruby on Rails. Looking to secure a mid-level position with a startup or medium sized software company.

Seeking a teaching position to share with students 10 years of expertise gained in teaching math, chemistry, engineering and communications at private high schools.

Recent college graduate with a BA in Communications and nine months of internship experience. Seeking to fill the Marketing intern role and take on more responsibility as quickly as possible.

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