Singapore: An amazing mix of cultures

Did you know that the main language in Singapore is English? The country also has three other official languages, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. Not to mention the fact that over 40% of the residents are foreign born. It’s quite the unique mix for this small island nation which can be traversed in about an hour and a half.

Despite it’s small size Singapore is highly urbanized as Cesare Tagliaferri shows us in the header picture of Singapore at night. If you’re looking for some more historic architecture, however, our friend Anthony Chew recommends a visit Haji Lane. A historic area among modern buildings, it was once abandoned but has recently been revived by local designers and entrepreneurs. 

Our local friends also emphasize that you can’t miss getting to know the culture through the food. With the mix of cultures here, it’s no wonder we hear such rave reviews about the cuisine. Some favorites to try are chicken rice, nasi lemak, satay and laksa. Yum!

 Get to know more of our favorite Singaporeans below.

Hajar AliWe love this action shot from one of the trips that Hajar Ali and her company put together for adventurous travelers looking to get off the beaten track.

Kinmun LeeMeet Kinmun Lee aka mrbrown aka The Blogfather of Singapore

Gina RomeroGina Romero is not just an entrepreneur, business strategist and community leader, she’s also a Star Wars loving geek girl.

Brandon LeongA Myers-Briggs type INFJ Brandon Leong is a creative who loves helping others.

Leila BoukarimA children’s book illustrator and writer, Leila Boukarim writes about and for highly sensitive children.

Hugh MasonA native of the UK, Hugh Mason is an author, entrepreneur and adjunct professor at National University of Singapore.

TiffanyTiffany Yong is an independent actress, blogger and fellow bubble tea addict.

Goh Hung Wei Goh Hung Wei is a gamer and is loving his job with gaming site, Razor.

areshaonlineA Singaporean expat, Aresha Krishnan is a social media director by day and DJ by night.

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