Telling Your Story: Personally & Professionally

Writing a good biography is an essential ingredient for creating a great profile. One of the best ways to take advantage of the biography space is to tell your personal and professional story. This allows the public and our other users to get to know you holistically, so they can then be inspired to connect with you. Here are some of the elements of a great biography page that combines both personal and professional information:

(1) Write a compelling headline (use it well and you won’t take up space in your bio). You can use this space to hint at what you do and draw your visitor to spend more time on your page. Kelsey Parsons used her headline to describe something professional and personal about herself: “Writer/Communications Specialist/Adventurer.”

(2) Write a couple sentences about what you do or have done professionally, or academically if you’re studying. Some of our best profiles expand on this element, and include what inspires them professionally or academically.

(3) Write a couple sentences about what you do in your free time. Are you a part of a kickball league, love wine tasting, or enjoy hiking? This information belongs here. Most of us are doing cool things outside of work or school, and don’t even know it.

See the pages below for examples of awesome bios

Sahil KhanSahil Khan is a definite foodie who has founded several food startups and a restaurant. In his free time he writes short stories.

Libbey Koppinger Libbey Koppinger, whose last name actually means happy moose herder, is a creative and accidental entrepreneur.

Britton ClarkBritton Clark is a Brand Marketing Manager, who formerly worked for Red Bull, and a sports enthusiast.