Daniel Prado

Beyond the Beautiful Game: about.me World Cup

The second week of the World Cup has brought many surprises with it and lots of excitement but the end of group play has meant there aren’t games every day of the week. That’s why we’re making up for it today with even more pages from countries playing Saturday and Sunday. With the majority of this weekend’s teams coming from Latin America we’re featuring Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Netherlands.

Before they play be sure to catch up on your knowledge of all the countries and meet someone from there through the about.me pages and links below. And don’t forget to take a look at the page of our post header, music lover from Colombia who shares his love for music on his page with his Soundcloud, Daniel Prado. Good luck to all the teams this weekend!

Diana Zuleta

Diana Zuleta, world traveler and interactive art director, look at her page to learn more about her speaking events and search Costa Rica for more on her home country.

Martin Hogeboom

Martin Hogeboom, photographer, see his page for more of his work (especially love his Everyday People series) and for more Dutch about.me pages, search Netherlands.

Pamela Acosta

Pamela Acosta, digital strategist promoting the beauty, culture and traditions of Mexico. Check out her page to learn more about the country and search Mexico on about.me.

Mariano Mancilla

Mariano Mancilla, graphic designer and photographer, take a look at his page for more of his work (tip: check his blog) and learn more about his home when you search Chile.

Isadora Zemgeski

Isadora Zemgeski, marketing student and storyteller who loves to write horror stories, which you can find on her page.  For more on her fellow countrymen, search Brazil.