Bayonle Arashi

Beyond the Beautiful Game: World Cup

It’s been an interesting first week of the World Cup and as the games continue, this next week is sure to be even more exciting.  As many are enjoying the jogo bonito this weekend, we’d also like to feature the beautiful people from the countries playing in today’s games.  That is, we’re highlighting members from Argentina, Iran, Germany, Ghana, Nigeria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To learn more about all the countries playing and the amazing community members from those countries, be sure to check out all the pages and links below. And don’t forget to take a look at the page of our post header, sports show producer and soccer academy founder, Bayonle Arashi. Good luck to all the teams today!

Hana Kazazovic

Hana Kazazović, Blogger, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Learn more about the country when you search Bosnia and Herzegovina on

Frank Mueller

Frank Müller, philosopher for change, Germany. For more pages on Germans, search Germany.

Sena Kpodo

Sena Kpodo, founder of Discover Ghana and advocate for change, Ghana. Check out pages by Ghanaians on when you search Ghana.

Mostafa Satari

Mostafa Satari, freelance software developer and adventurer, Iran. Learn more about Iran through the pages of Iranians on

Paula Alvarado

Paula Alvarado, Writer and Latin American Green Geek, Argentina. Check out more amazing pages by Argentines on when you search Argentina.