Peter Chalder- Wood

Beyond the Beautiful Game: World Cup

For many, the next two weeks will be exciting ones as they watch the world’s best soccer players play the “Jogo bonito” in Brazil. In honor of this great event, which for a couple of weeks has the power to unite the world, we’d like to feature people from those countries. Specifically, we’re following the games being played today between Greece and Colombia, England and Italy, Colombia and Uruguay.

To learn more about all the countries playing and the amazing community members from those countries, be sure to check out all the pages and links below. And don’t forget to take a look at Englander Peter Chalder-Wood‘s page (our header photo). Good luck to all the teams today!

Claudia Morelli

Claudia Morelli, Project Manager, Italy. For more pages by Italians, search Italy on

Martín Batalla

Martín Batalla, Senior Web Developer, Uruguay. For more pages on Uruguayans, search Uruguay.

Monica Morales

Monica Morales, believes we can change the world, Costa Rica. For more pages by Costa Ricans, search Costa Rica.

Gabriel Porras

Gabriel Porras, UX Designer, Colombia. Learn more about Colombia through the pages of Colombians on

Georgia Pavlidou

Georgia Pavlidou, Digital and Content Advocate, Greece. Check out more amazing pages by Greeks when you search Greece.