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The Staff Picks page is full of fantastic examples. The great pages on display show off personality in a professional way and provide examples to help you improve your page.

racheltenpennycrawford thumbnail imageRachel Tenpenny Crawford (see right & blog header) is a wife, mother, military spouse, and entrepreneur. Rachel’s bio eloquently explains her inspirational story:  “I’ve been through some soul-shattering stuff and come out on the other side changed but not ruined, wounded but patched up, more compassionate and stronger than ever. I’m not afraid to make authentic connections and strive to do so every day. Peoples’ hearts matter to me. People are my passion.”

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Hip-Hop artist Ramaj Eroc.Ramaj Eroc

Anthropologist, social justice advocate & public art enthusiast Kelsey Chatlosh.Kelsey Chatlosh

Undersea adventurer Harry Juselius
Harry Juselius


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Staff Picks

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