Hey Instagram Photographer! Who Are You?

Instagram is an amazing way to share everyday & extraordinary photos, as well as see the world through someone else’s lens. But have you ever wanted to know more about the photographer, only to find their Instagram profile empty?

Looking for information about Instagram photographers can be frustrating. You can’t fit a lot of info in an Instagram bio, and many people don’t bother including much at all. Your photos tell a story about where you go and who you are, but it’s not the complete story. There’s opportunity for much more!

Luis Rodríguez

Your Story, Unabridged Edition.

Additional info in your Instagram profile paints a more complete picture for your followers. When you add your about.me link, you make it easy for your Instagram followers to not only learn about you, but also find and follow you on Twitter or the other social services you use. Your about.me page is the hub, the best single page to link your services together.

Herbert Schröer

Your Online Life Is Multifaceted.

There are great reasons to use different social services, each connects you in a special way to a unique audience. Linking to your about.me page from Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other sites helps create a cohesive picture of who you are online.

If you haven’t yet, add your about.me link to your other services around the web. When people visit your page, they’ll get a better understanding of who you really are on your own terms.

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