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A Great Biography

There are many ways to present yourself with about.me and it all starts with a photo and great biography. Your biography is what makes your photo come to life and is your opportunity to tell people a bit about yourself.  There’s no need to write a novel, when it comes to writing your biography, less is more. The optimal length is between 4-6 sentences. A shorter biography also ensures that you cover less of your photo as David Pott carefully does in the header image. Don’t forget to see and read his profile here.

Aela Callan

What makes Aela’s biography so good? Let’s go into some of the details:

“I’m a broadcast journalist and documentary maker with extensive experience in Asia, especially Myanmar. I’m currently a 2014 John S. Knight fellow at Stanford University, developing innovative ways to help press freedom and reduce hate speech in Myanmar, where I’ve been reporting since 2009. My films and stories appear on Al Jazeera English news and the 101 East program.”

First, she keeps it short and sweet. Second, and very importantly, Aela also tells a short story of where she’s been and where she’s going.  Finally, she takes the time to let readers know where they can see more of her work.

Phil Echols

Now let’s delve into Phil’s biography:

“School Counselor for Wake County Public Schools and owner of Become Better, LLC. Become Better offers thought-provoking presentations and inspirational apparel. Through the services of Become Better, LLC, I inspire individuals to become better versions of themselves. (Client List)

Let’s connect and help the world become better together.

Vlog Episodes: BecomeBetter.tv

I like Phil’s bio because he not only communicates his passion, helping people to better themselves, but adds links to his activities. He uses the links to encourage others to learn more about him while keeping his biography clean, neat and not too long.

For more examples and added inspiration, check out our Featured page.

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