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Happy Friday! The pages today show off informative bios, display creative work, and share personal interests; all the things that make you unique!

Take a second to learn about Dawa Lama Tamang, Founder & Owner of Traveltimes Treks pvt. Ltd. Born in the countryside of Nepal in a Buddhist family, he now lives in Kathmandu. Dawa Lama Tamang travelled widely, and is very dedicated to teaching and aims to organize with Traveltimes Treks cross-cultural schools tours for Nepali and foreign students.

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Mina Vesović, Textile and fashion designer, Belgarde

Mina Vesović


Anthony Sills, freelance writer, journalist, copywriter, and blogger.

Anthony Sills


Darcie Fulkerson: entrepreneurasaurus | designnovator | voice over meister

Darcie Fulkerson


“I’m totally edgy. I can teach you to Moonwalk. I can find water with two sticks. I can fly using only my brainwaves. I am on a first-name basis with three murderers and the Attorney General of Canada. No, really, I mean it. Just park anywhere.
Okay, maybe not so edgy. This is me on the kiddie zipline, waiting for the 8-year-old ahead of me to go. Fifteen, maybe Twenty Shades of Grey tops, that’s plenty. Hold that baby alligator? Why not – after all, I gave up free health care for love.”

The amazing Joelle Willis, of Schenectady NY.

Joelle Willis

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