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Discover Shared Interests

Which interests have you included on your page? When you add interests, it’s easier for people to discover your page based on what you have in common. Adding interests (aka tags) to your page is a great way to be found, but it’s also a useful tool for you to use.

Mike MehielMike Mehiel included a few relevant tags on his page: graphic design, photographer, Bay Area, San Francisco, web design, interactive producer, social developer. 

Keep It Interesting

When you make your interests visible on your page (by checking the box while editing your Biography) it is easy for you to find other people who share your interests with just one click.  People join about.me everyday from all over the world, these the individuals you’ll find via your interests are always changing.

Staff Picks

If you have any tips for discovering great pages, projects and people on about.me please share them in the comments. Remember, a compliment is always appreciated. When you like a page, person, or passion be sure to let them know!

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