Ingredients for a Beautiful Page

Amy Lu has a fantastic page, let’s take a moment to understand why. Read below for a breakdown of the page including tips on the best use of a free page.


The background image is a photo with nice ‘depth of field‘. Amy’s face draws the eye, while the out-of-focus cityscape behind her remains blurred and less distracting. The page is about Amy, so a sharply focused image helps to convey her personality. The smile helps too!

Name and Headline

The name and headline are easy to read in a clear and simple font. Generally, people are accustomed to reading black and white text. There’s no need to get overly colorful with your text. Before making your page flashy, remember that the best pages are simple, clear, and easy to read.

Colors and Design

Amy does a great job of making her bio readable. The accent color on the links makes them pop on the page by adding a splash of color. Amy’s bio box is somewhat see-through, as set by the ‘opacity’ slider in the Color editing tab. The bio background is dark enough to read the white text, but not too dark to unbalance the page aesthetics.

The Biography

Amy includes academic and extra-curricular accomplishments in her bio – a great choice for a college student. Her bio also includes bits about her passions, and an invitation to connect. The positive tone and explicit call for the reader to contact her makes Amy’s biography feel more personal and engaging.


Including location information is a great way for people to find your page through Locations are searchable, and help you find potential connections in your area. Employment and educational info are other great ways for people to find your page based on shared professional or academic info. info


Most people remember location, work, and educational info, but too many overlook the importance of tags on the page. Tag are a fantastic way to efficiently let people reading your page know about your interests or skills. A good set of tags can get future collaborators, clients, or employers looking at your page for the right reasons. Are your tags as descriptive as they can be? Would you search for someone using the terms in your tags section? Take this opportunity to check and confirm that you’re using tags to get the most from your page!

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  1. Thanks for this blog post. It compelled me to perform a few edits on my own page, and the results were immediate. I had no idea there was “the ‘opacity’ slider in the Color editing tab,” but it was exactly what I needed to improve my page!

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