Staff Picks

Today I’m happy to introduce 4 of our Staff Picks, pages handpicked by our team. These pages are great examples of how to display personality in a professional way, creativity passion mixed with academic or work oriented ambition.

euniquejonesIn February 2012, following the death of Trayvon Martin, Artist and Cultural Architect Eunique Jones Gibson (right) created her first photo awareness campaign – I AM Trayvon Martin. The campaign spread through social media and online news outlets around the world and inspired others to use their voice to highlight social injustice and the need for change.

Take a look at the other inspiring pages below. Like Eunique‘s page, the pages below provide insight into the creator’s passions and profession.

Photographer, Writer, Entrepreneur Dirk Weaver

Dirk WeaverAs an Artist, I love to create with others! As an Agent, I love to help passionate people discover their dreams. – Stephanie Beck Williams

Stephanie Beck Williams

Principal Attorney Grace Alano

Grace Alano


Have a fantastic week! For more awesome pages, take a look at Staff Picks.

staff picks