Thank You for an Amazing Year!

It’s our anniversary, and what a first year we had. After buying back, we put so much love into the service, adding Compliments, Collections & Replies, all displayed in a beautiful People Feed that shows you who is interested in you and people you have things in common.

Many of us have been lucky to be involved with great companies (WordPress, MakerBot, Blue Bottle Coffee, True Ventures, Adaptive Path, etc) that embrace openness in sharing their numbers – openness is core to us at and we’d like to share our one year progress:

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For our anniversary, help us celebrate by updating your page or sending someone a compliment – hopefully you’ll like what you see.

One last thing: our whole team is plugged in almost 24/7 to reply to your questions and feedback. Whether you need help, have an idea, or just want to say “hello”, we’ll get back to you within a few hours.

In case you want to connect with me personally, just email me from my page or tweet me anytime @tonysphere. Thanks again for an amazing year!

Tony Conrad

9 responses to Thank You for an Amazing Year!

  1. It’s precise, concise and intuitive one page identity. That’s what I was looking for in the online space.
    It’s really of help in marketing myself to the world.
    Many of my friends came to know about it were happy on making their profile as well.
    It’s amazing and special thanks to Mr Tony and his team.

  2. Thanks Tony,i am gaining lot of popularity ,lot of peoples are connecting with me,liking my page,replying me.i give credit to you ,by highliting me.

  3. lll

    Thank you for an amazing year. I’m glad I’m a part of this community. This is an easy way to create a landing page website of yourself. Congrats to you all for all the achivements.

  4. I got this message in my inbox yesterday and thought, “Wow, these guys at are great- they even wished me a happy anniversary?!” (Yesterday we celebrated 38 years.)
    In any case, happy anniversary to you guys too. I haven’t spent too much time at yet, but the future seems promising!

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