For the Interview: Passion and Personality

When looking for work in a tough job market, it can be extremely hard to stand out from other candidates. There may be many other people just as smart and just as qualified applying for the same positions, so what can you do to get ahead?

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Be Memorable

You’ll want to make a great impression, but you don’t want to end up being remembered for zany or unprofessional antics. After the essential qualifications, your best assets are your passions and personality. These are what make you distinct and memorable.

When applying for jobs your page should be professionally tuned: no typos, and working links to all of your important web content. But don’t skimp on the personality- and certainly don’t ignore sharing a bit about your passions.


Express Yourself

Employers are going to look though your web presence before they hire you, it’s as much a part of your background as past jobs or academic history. On your page, you can link to you social profile while presenting yourself exactly as you’d like to be seen. Unlike other services, you control all the content on the page, and you get to flex your creativity in the bio and overall design.

Including your passions in your biography not only conveys who you are better than your resume alone, but also provides fodder for connecting with a potential interviewer. You never know if the person on the other side of the table shares your passion for hip-hop dance or astronomy, and those are exactly the types of mental hooks that can help your impression last.

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