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There is so much to gain from meeting new people. This should be obvious. But far too often we settle into a predictable rhythm at school or work and neglect the opportunity to learn about someone new. This post will outline a few simple ways to surface interesting people on and make the most of our opportunities.

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One benefit of modern connected life is interacting with people around the world. Because is built to show off your who you are — your passions, profession and background — it’s a public, dynamic directory for millions of interesting people.

So how do you find the people who are most interesting to you?

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A great place to start is by hitting the Discovery button in the top bar. From there, you can look through Popular to see trending pages, with new people joining every day. The Featured page showcases handpicked top pages, including winners of every week’s #FFaboutme Twitter contest. For a more personal pick of pages, let’s look back to your own page.

Keep It Interesting

Click on the Interests you’ve added to discover others with similar passions. Adding interests (aka tags) to your page is a great way to be found, but it’s also a useful tool for you to use. When you make your interests visible on your page (by checking the box while editing your Biography) it is easy for you to find other people who share your interests with just one click. Tons of people join everyday from all over the world, so these the individuals you’ll find via your interests are always changing.

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Finally, using the search tool is the most versatile way to discover pages that interest you. While we all know how to search, not all of us are experts on using the best possible terms while searching.

One tip is to search for terms that people use to describe themselves. This is not always as simple as it seems. For example, it’s less likely a soccer player will describe themselves with the term “soccer player.” Instead, they are likely to say “Midfielder for United FC” or perhaps simply “keeper.” When looking for interesting people from around the world, it helps to imagine how each individual might describe themselves.


If you have any tips for discovering great pages, projects and people on please share them in the comments. Remember, a compliment is always appreciated. When you like a page, person, or passion be sure to let them know!

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