Get More from Your Page

A well rounded online presence deserves a great personal site. What Makes a great page? Take a look at these examples to help perfect your presentation on

Photo First

You don’t need a professional photographer to have an awesome photo. A clear, in-focus image is the foundation of any great page. When using a picture of yourself, it’s extremely important to avoid letting the bio cover your face.


Short and Sweet

When it comes to writing your biography, less is more. The optimal length is between 4-6 sentences. White text over a dark background, or black text over a light background helps make your content easy to read.



In addition to your city or town, educational background, and vocation, be sure to include interests on your page. The interests you include allow people to find your for the right reasons, based on your chosen tags. Visible interests on your page help new contacts quickly and easily get to know you better.


For more examples and added inspiration, check our the Featured page.


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  1. What does it take to be featured for maximum viewing? My page is linked to Twitter, Pinterest & my blog.

  2. Jacob

    Pages with a unique background, nice design, clear easy to read text, and services attached get featured most. We like to show off beautiful examples of what people can do with!

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