How to Get on the Popular Page

Want to end up on the top-chart of known as the Popular page? Use these tips to improve your page and impress your viewers!

High Definition

Use a good, clear image of yourself. While illustrated, landscape, and other creative backgrounds often make it to Popular, a photo of you is the best bet to maximize your chances.

We recommend an image that’s 1680 x 1050 pixels at 72 DPI. Most large high-resolution images will look great, but make sure it’s no larger than 5mb. After you’ve uploaded your image,  try selecting the ‘Fill Window’ setting. This will make sure you page looks great on both small screens like a tablet or massive massive, batcave-sized monitors.

One final piece: don’t let your biography box cover your face! If needed you can reduce the size of your name and headline text. This will slim your entire biography box, allowing text to fit without obscuring your face.


Easy Reader

In addition to having a clear image, making the text on your page easy to read will help your page be more appealing. Avoid these common mistakes:

  • Blocks of Neon text
  • Text the same color as the background
  • Text over a ‘busy’ pattern.

A splash of colorful text can grab your reader’s attention, but too much will make your words illegible. Take the magazine approach: bold and colorful titles, simple paragraphs. There’s a reason no one prints articles in lime green.

It’s also important to have contrast between the text color and the color or image behind the words. If your background image makes it so there are multiple colors or shapes behind your biography text, you can make the Biography Box itself more opaque.

Chris Graham displays the use of a semi-transparent bio box perfectly on his page.  Chris made his text clearly readable despite the light & dark woodgrain by using a dark color bio box and light text.


You are the Destination

To make it to Popular, lots of people have to interact with your page. Help this happen by adding Interest (aka ‘Tags’) to your page. Alan Weibel (above) included “User Experience” as his first interest. You can edit your page to display your primary interest at any time.

In addition to making your interests visible on, drawing outside visitors to your page is a major help as well.  If you have not already done so, add yout link to your email signature. If you use Twitter or Pinterest, include the link in your bio. The more traffic to your page the better.


A stay on the Popular page guarantees a major increase in attention and engagement with your page. Check out who is currently popular to see examples of stylish pages, and click over to the Featured section for more handpicked gems. 

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  1. How will you know if you’re on the popular page though? Do you get a pop-up or an email?

  2. Jacob

    Hey Merel, good question! You will get an email and a dashboard notification when you page gets featured.

  3. Well thank you Jacob! And thank you for your answer. Additional one: Only featured or also on the popular page? 🙂

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