Replies: Make Your Connections Count

Have you ever had a fantastic interaction online and wanted take it further? Maybe collaborate over email, get feedback on an idea, or meet for coffee? We have. We also see more and more connections turn into meaningful collaborations and partnerships.

Replies simplifies connecting online. You already use to convey your passions and talents, the things that make you unique. People quickly see what you’re all about and express interest through a compliment.

Replies empowers you to make connections count. We’ve simplified the first interactions with someone new so that building real relationships can happen more easily.

Take the Next Step

Now when you receive a compliment on your page, there are a variety of cool ways to reply. From a fast “Thanks” to “Follow me on Twitter” or “Explore Collaborating,” these quick and clean replies make it easy to take the next step.


Want to meet for coffee? Or for drinks? Use the new reply feature to connect with people locally or around the world.

To get started, search or browse for people you’re interested in connecting with and send them a compliment. Everyone likes a compliment, and you’ll receive them in return. If you’ve already received a bunch of compliments, just head over to your home feed to Reply.

From there, pick the most appealing Reply option. Be sure to share with us when your new connection turns into a co-founder, publisher, or partner for life.

7 responses to Replies: Make Your Connections Count

  1. Thanks so much for making this feature!!!!! If someone has taken action to compliment me, something has triggered them to be interested in me. This feature helps quantify what exactly that trigger was and hopefully act on it.

    It reminds of BJ Fogg’s behavior model which states that B=mat meaning that in order for behavior to occur, there must be motivation, ability, and trigger present at the same time.

    In this case, the existing compliment was the trigger but now the reply is the ability that was previously missing from this loop.

    PS: Incase you want to learn more about this idea, check out BJ Fogg’s website or a blog post I wrote on building habits into products.

  2. Jacob

    Thanks for sharing Sarah! That’s a very insightful point. We’re really excited to fill in the missing piece on, now brining interaction full-circle.

  3. Jacob, the addition of two-way interactive communication is an interesting new development on — but now I’m wondering, is this going to become a trend for your platform?

    Is there a forward-looking plan to transform into a site that you would want to visit periodically? Did you discover that the professional vanity site publishing model was too limiting? Please elaborate.

  4. Jacob

    David: Replies was built to allow people to connect more easily. The ’email me’ option has always existed — we want to further reduce the effort required to take the next step.

    It’s the natural progression of our original goal (to provide a page for people to learn about you). If they’re interested, someone can contact you. Now, you can follow up more easily to help develop real relationships.

    I’m very excited that we have launched replies, it’s a fantastic tool to cut through the noise in social media and establish meaningful connections.

  5. […] appearance, released an awesome iOS app to engage while on the go, and a new way to connect via Replies. These are just a few of the projects the team has accomplished this year. There are many […]

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