About.me On Your Instagram

If you have not added your about.me link to your Instagram account, what are you waiting for? Consider this your official invitation.

You don’t live in a bubble. Neither should your Instagram.tonyconradInstagram

You use more than one social service online. Give people a way to connect with you outside of Instagram comments. Instagram is awesome for photos and when you add a link to your about.me page, it becomes even more amazing for swapping contact info, banter, or getting to know someone.

Get People To Your Page,

While They Are Interested.

Attention is a precious commodity on the internet or a smartphone. When you have someone’s interest, use it. Your potential follower is flipping through your awesome photos, thinking to themselves “I wonder what they’re like in real life”– this is the perfect time to get your new fan onto your about.me page.

Relate –> Interact

A tap on your username and then on your about.me link leads to your professional & sleek page. It looks great on their mobile device, with all your social links right below your bio. Social media level: Expert.

People are far more likely to follow and interact with you on Instagram if they feel a connection. And what if your viewer prefers to follow you on Twitter, or interact in a Flickr community? Putting your about.me link on Instagram is a great way to reduce the effort it takes for someone to learn about you. Also, it gives them the opportunity to connect simply and easily on their favorite social channel.

Have 15 seconds? Ready- Go!

Head over to Instagram.com and login, or pull out your phone right now.

Click or tap on your profile.

Instagram     InstaOM

Add your about.me URL to the link section.

Edit_Profile_•_Instagram-1  insta_pone_edit

Smack the green button (Submit or Done) and you’re finished.

You have taken your Instagram game to the next level- you deserve a fist-bump.

Instagram is an exciting way to take & share pictures (and videos!) quickly. People like Tony only share the best photos they take, while others share pictures everyday like a visual journal. No matter how you use Instagram, get more out of you pictures by adding your about.me page to your Instagram bio.

Are you excited about your new setup? Know another great place to put your about.me link? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter @aboutdotme.

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