Friendly Faces: #FFaboutme

We’re back again with #FFaboutme! The pages selected this week show off great photos and design from interesting people around the world. Everyone included today has an link in their Twitter bio, and got our attention by tweeting with #FFaboutme.

While you browse the people below, take note of what makes the page appealing. The choice of photo, colors, and bio box transparency all play a part in making a page beautiful.


Not every background needs to be a self portrait. Kyle and Daniel are great examples of utilizing abstract pictures and wonderful patterns, respectively. If you have trouble finding the perfect image, take look thought the patterns gallery for a creative alternative.

Ariana Garcia (above, top) has a fantastic page. Her black and white photo, white text, and blue links create a classic and minimal look. This is just one of many ways to express your online identity with

Kamil (blow, ‘hanging’ out) has a different approach for his background image. He selected an action photo with lush greens of Sri Lanka. Black text over a light colored bio box keeps page from being feeling too cluttered, bright colored text would overwhelm the page design.

There are a million different ways to setup your page. Take a look at the examples below for more inspiration!

kylemstevens kamilmka olivierraynaud jessgrossman markselby novnielyvonnevillanueva



Pakistan to Ohio, Canada to Sri Lanka,  L.A. to Paris, France. People all over the globe connect on because it’s simple and easy. If you get the chance, take 5 minutes this weekend to make sure your page is up to date and looking good.

We want to hear from you! Let us know about your favorite featured page in the comments below. Be sure to include why you like it, or something you’d change!

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  1. Григорьева Светлана

    Мне нравится Yannis Apostolsdis page. Там красивая музыка

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