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Your Tunes Take Center Stage

Last week we announced the ability to display featured content inside the bio box, including audio tracks and sets from Soundcloud. In fewer than 7 days, thousands of people added audio of all types to their pages, from guitar and voiceover artists, to electronic and hip-hop producers.


Like New York City-based producer Branchez, anyone can embed audio from Soundcloud by pasting a link into their bio’s featured content section.

Here are some great examples of how musicians on about.me are making the most of their page:

Nate Maingard

Guy Galaxo's about.me page

Great artwork can help your page stand out, but sometimes it’s best to let personality shine.
Real Chanty's About.me Profile

Chris Ward's About.me PageWho knew there were so many talented musician on about.me? But Soundcloud isn’t only for musicians. Podcasters, radio personalities and sound designers can now put audio on their page as well. What other uses have you discovered for audio on your about.me page? Let us know in the comments!