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We regularly get asked how to get added to the featured directory, or shared to our Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr feeds. Below is generally what we are looking for as well as a few tips!

Have a complete page.
First, we want to see all about you, not about our default options. A custom background, biography and apps are the basics here. Consider tags, links, work, education and location to round it out. You don’t have to have every single option maxed out, but we are looking for pages taking advantage of the features we offer.

On backgrounds: show your face or get creative!
We love seeing great background photos. If you have a headshot, use it. Not happy with the photos you have? Have quick photo shoot with a photographic friend.
As an alternative, use a scenic shot, one in action, a still life, interesting pattern or graphic design. There are lots of options here! The goal is to have it fill the space available and reflect who you are or what you are passionate about.

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 6.47.50 PM

Show it off.
Regularly we hear requests for getting featured, without any reference to a page URL. If you write in, have it in your email signature. If you mention us on Twitter, make sure it’s in your bio there. We’re happy to take requests, just be sure you are doing your part putting your page out there.

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 6.51.55 PM

Look good big and small.
Featured pages are similar in size to thumbnails, so ensure that your page looks good in search results. Make sure your name is readable, and the text isn’t covering your face. Use varieties of colors and fonts sparingly.
Of course pages are clicked through to when shared, so also be sure the page looks great at full size. Same tips as above, and check that there’s no pixelation in your background.

Got it? Great! If you think you have these covered, share your page here in the comments and let us know what makes it unique, to be considered for featuring. Or, if you are looking for feedback, we’re happy to offer it.

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  1. Let me take advantage of this blog and comment section to “Show Off” and ask to get a featured spot. I think my page fits the outline nicely and I use it daily! Even have my business page listed…

    Thanks for the consideration and enjoy the insight the blog gives,


  2. lauraglu

    Great page indeed Randy! Thanks for showing it off.

    On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 8:21 AM, Blog

  3. Can you show me off? I have a dual profession. I am a RN who has followed my passion and become a self taught photographer. I have won many awards for my fine art. My bio is not only about me but Sundog Ranch. Sundog Ranch is the subject of my new blog “The Sundog Drift” . I have links to my blog and photography website.

  4. I’d like to be “shown off” by you! For me, is my virtual business card! A cool way to present all my links in one spot. Thanks for the idea, guys!

  5. Getting a mention from would be brilliant. I am currently seeking employment and any kind of promotion would really help me out. πŸ™‚

  6. lauraglu

    You have to let us know your page URL! See the post πŸ™‚

  7. Oops, a typo in the url is never a good idea. Here’s the post, fixed:

    Check out my page at

    I’m using it to promote my book that’s due out this summer!

  8. is my new favorite site/tool for connecting! In conjunction with Rebelmouse I pretty much have everything covered as far as following and connecting.

    I would love feedback on my layout, and of course being featured is never a bad thing πŸ™‚


  9. Gotta be coincidence. Not 2 minutes after I posted my last comment I was added to the inspirational directory! You guys rock! I’ll still take the feedback though πŸ˜‰

  10. I love my profile. The link lives on my email signature and is such a great place to store all my links. Getting featured would be ace!

  11. My head-shot isn’t a professional one, but has got me many ‘likes’ already. It’s spontaneous and it really represents me. When it comes to myself, I am quite reserved.. like I’ll show you who I am but hide at the same time.
    I use in my email signature and it is linked to my blog too. The blog is what you should really read if you wanna have a laugh.
    Feature me please πŸ™‚

  12. While I don’t know whether anyone would find my profile inspirational, it is unique. It would be nice to have it featured alongside such diverse and creative designs.

  13. Here is my awesome page. It is awesome in its overall awesomeness. In all honesty, I did get a few responses from people who were interested in a job with our firm. works very well for a response page tucked within a website. And that is pretty awesome.

    I promote my agency, not really me. The only thing I remember about self-promotion is to sell yourself as much as humanly possible. I still can’t tell if that advice is totally awesome or a titchy bit awful. Advice anyone?

  14. Hi there! is my new digital business card. It’s great that it integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn, Twitter, email, etc. As a freelance translator, I really appreciate this great new tool.
    Some featured love would be lots of fun. And feedback is always welcome.
    -> <-

  15. Hi Laura!
    I am a big fan of and use its in my QR code on my business cards and on my twitter bio.

    I saw that the team came across my profile recently which was really very cool. Thank you! However, I was so sad though as I have not finished my background picture yet. It involves one of my favorite passions, the art of origami and the concept of managing complex challenges.

    I am hoping you check back in a few weeks and let me know what you think. A feature shot would be very helpful. I am currently working on systems to help improve our nation’s education, economy, and energy consumption. Would like to meet others from who share my passions.

    Keep up the great work of making online introductions efficient for all.


  16. Hello team!
    Whether my page is featured or not, I will leave it up to you.
    My main concern is to get feedback as I use my profile on as my electronic business card. Any commentary and constructive criticism are well-received. Thanx!

  17. itsmicdb

    I would love to be featured too. I use everyday to update all of my links. I love how is like a one-stop shop. I do wish you had an app for Instacanvas and Pinterest. Thank you!

  18. lauraglu

    Make sure to include your page URL here, as mentioned in the blog post itself πŸ™‚

  19. page is one of the best tools I have for personal marketing and I use it often in social networks and also in my email signature!

    Since I made my page many people praised it (including a compliment from Ryan Freitas, one of the co-founders of!) and I would love to be feature by you.

    Take a look at my page here:


  20. tziplcano

    Thank you for the tips! I love the service and the interaction you generate. Keep up the great work!

    I would love to hear some feedback from the team, here is my link:

  21. Thanks you guys for featuring me in the directory! In just a few hours I have tons of people viewing my page! I cant wait to get to know them. Gonna order my cards now too!


  22. Thank you team! Featuring my page in the directory was a wonderful surprise that came in the middle of the night here in Athens. Thumbs up!

  23. kimolly

    I love your site and would love for my site to be featured.

  24. Some really good advice in this post.

    My page is in my sig file in my email and on my business cards. Wouldn’t have it any other way.


  25. Thanks a BUNCH for adding my to the featured directory!
    A great surprise on an ordinary day!

  26. Hi, what I love most about my page is the convenience to have all my links in one neat place and I pass it on many times to new followers as a starting page to my photography blogs / sites. Oh, yeah, and those calling cards I have with my profile photo and my about. me website address in QR code, are always a great point of conversation.
    So in short, I’d love to be featured πŸ™‚


  27. lauraglu

    Love your page! It’s a bit tough to crop. I wonder if you could align the text with the image? You should be able to drag and drop either.

  28. sanapakaininmoko

    Ok! Will tweak it now. πŸ™‚

  29. Matt de Caussin

    Solid advice for taking your page to the next level. Thanks!

  30. Not to try and be an expert, but I wrote a blog piece about improving your site if anyone is interested to take a look. It’s currently showing in my feed on my page,, but if it has moved on once you read this, just check my wordpress site. Hope it helps someone, it’s had some nice comments from readers.

  31. Julian

    I think I’ve got a pretty cool background, showing me & my passion photography at the same time. I’d love to get feedback on my page & get featured in’s featured directory (:

    All the best from Germany

  32. rickbolt

    Featured love please? Any feedback would be great. I think my page shows up fine with Internet browsers, but possibly only the background on the iPhone app. Anyone else experience this? Love these about me pages…

  33. lauraglu

    Hi Rick – mobile and iphone are meant to show the background and text separate from one another. Otherwise it’s fairly impossible to read the text, and get it properly aligned. Cheers!

  34. Deepu Mukundan

    Several lives. One profile.

    The thing I like about my profile is that it is one single place where my peeps can contact me, check my blog, follow me in social networks, view my videos and photos and more…

    Would love to be featured…

  35. I am surprised more folks don’t take advantage of this free and easy personal branding tool – and would love any feedback on my page. A little promotional love from wouldn’t hurt either!

  36. I just recently found out website. I see it as a great way to promote yourself or your business and many of my friends have already followed my lead.

    I would appreciate feedback on my page and to get featured would be sweet!

    Joonas Saukkonen

  37. You guys will be delighted when I am featured! Did I say that backwards? I love! Very nice! And i would like to be featured! Thanks πŸ™‚

    Thanks for pointing that out Laura. I updated the link on this comment! Is this how to be placed in the directory listings?


  38. Hi! I’d love to be featured…I work with a nonprofit organization called the Farley Project and we believe in a #worldwithoutbullies! I would love to get their name out there…I’m also part of the Kravetz PR family, and we represent fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands! I’m trying to convince all my friends to use this site, it’s simple yet brilliant! Thank you!

  39. I would love to show off my page! Creating a page that has the important stuff in a short and sweet way is a challenge, but I think I’ve succeeded! I’ve succeeded while giving some wiggle room for personality.

  40. Abandoned at birth.

    70% of my peers ended up in jail.

    Adopted by loving parents.

    Graduated from Harvard Law School.

    Dedicated my life to education and at-risk children.

    A young Senator Barack Obama models legislation after my research based summer programs.

    TIME Magazine writes about our work in 2010…from personal experience, I know education and great parents can save a life.

  41. Come on, people. Get featured!

    The amount of traffic to your page from a simple request here is beyond belief. A few words will generate thousands of page views!

    So, what are you waiting for? All it takes is a slick page, a quick comment, a link, and you’re done! Plus, you can get helpful feedback from great peeps from around the world.

    Are you featured yet?

    — —

  42. Phil Granof

    Well, I think I’ve nailed my page. If you want to “show it off,” it won’t be because of my hair, but rather my bio.

  43. Phil Granof

    And of course…even though I mentioned my hair and my bio, I forgot to include my url…figures…

    I’d like to get featured, but who wouldn’t?


  44. Hello team! I really like the concept of a personal front page to link all social media outlets together with a bio cover.
    To take it a step further, I have some ideas I would like to share that may strike an interest for future enhancements. Please feel free to contact me if feedback is welcome.
    Until then, could you please consider adding me to feature page?

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