Taking your online business card offline

It’s 2013. Have you ordered your about.me cards for the year? If so, let us know! Tweet them out or share them to flickr.

If you haven’t snagged some complimentary cards yet, head to your MOO offer page.

One response to Taking your online business card offline

  1. Noe Asby

    There are some folks who cram up their business cards with all the information it can hold. This is not done, for a business card is business card and not sales literature. Let the additional info be there on your sales literature and keep the business card as simple as possible. This will ensure that the card will be able to pass across the information it was supposed to convey immediately. Would you rather want that the CEO of a reputed company scanned all through your business card just to find your contact information? A proper business card design should have as much `white space as possible on it. People should be able to access the necessary information immediately.-

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