Patterns that pop

The latest design option for your Backgrounds are now available on your page – Patterns! Patterns are a perfect complement to background images that take up less than the entire space available. An example of this are individual Instagram images as shown below.


To use a Pattern, head to the Colors & Patterns tab to pick one out. Drag and drop your background to place it where you’d like on the Pattern.


If the background image you have takes up the entire space available, try removing it by clicking the ‘x’ on the image in the Gallery in the Backgrounds tab.

Patterns provide beautiful texture to a page. They help add polish to your page, with a professional and clean look. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

2 responses to Patterns that pop

  1. lauraglu

    Thanks Frank! We really like this feature as an option for folks with smaller or no images.

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