All in the family

As holiday season approaches we thought it would be fun to celebrate people who focus on the family on their pages.

It’s cool to see the different ways families can be represented!

Is your family your life? We have a number of pages that reflect this very idea.

6 responses to All in the family

  1. Steve Murrall

    Family is very important, don’t lose sight of that…

  2. As a long-time and nearly professional curmudgeon, I cringe whenever I see people using a pic of their toddler as their own Facebook profile pic, so I can see that including your family could be a tricky thing to get right on Probably needs to feel contextually relevant.

    The boots are priceless and nearly perfect for Collette’s job. Well done, Collette.

  3. lauraglu

    Oh, agreed!

    The nice thing here is the bios accompanying each of these puts their background into context.

  4. Aside from faith (and BECAUSE of faith), family is EVERYTHING…w hat happens outside the house is one thing, but coming home to the ones who have your back, who love you and will go to the ends of the earth to SHOW you that they care…including EVERYTHING involved, both pleasant and not-so-pleasant (keeping you honest and accountable) is the most important thing on earth. Communication is the key…talking TO each other, instead of AT each other. I had to lose 2 of my children to the foster care system and marry and divorce 2x (marry 3x) to learn that extremely valuable lesson and now that I have- I’m not letting it go every again. Thank you Lord!

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