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It’s interesting to think of the best Apps to use on your page. We’ve come up with a few themes and Apps you might want to add.

First, the intrepid traveler. You love food, new cultures and hopping the globe. What are the best ways to show that off on your page?

Display the places you’ve been and beautiful travel photos. Line up the places you want to visit. Revel in it all with Trippy.

Check in while traveling and discover tips and tricks from those who have been there before.

Leave your own tips for future travelers on Foursquare!

Hungry on your trip? Discover dishes to try in your local scene with Forkly. And add your own mouth-watering pictures of the best food you eat while on the road.

Any others you’d add to your well-traveled page?

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  1. lauraglu

    Definitely! We didn’t even get into what could be added as custom links 🙂

  2. I’ve noticed some profile with two photos on there. One being the background, and another being a smaller profile photo. As a traveler, I’d like to experiment with what setup I like better. Is there a way to do that? Can’t find out how others have done that.

    Here is an example of what I am referring to.

  3. Hi Laura! Thank you. I completely missed that when I was looking through the bio area. Thanks for your help.

  4. lauraglu

    Hi Flavio! We have an SDK now so any App can be developed for the platform (
    Our teams supports anyone who wants to do this throughout the process.

  5. Thank you Laura, but I am not a developer and I wouldn’t know how to work with an SDK.

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