Easy and creative photo editing

Your about.me background image is a representation of who you are and should be reserved for photos that make you look awesome. This blog post is for those of us who want to edit photos without spending money or dealing with any complex photo editing suites. I went in search of some solutions to make my photos look awesome and creative with doing as minimum amount of work as possible. 😛

MakeRetro is super easy to use. It lets you upload any image and add a filter to it. Think Instagram for the web and you have MakeRetro.

Pixlr is a little more advanced. Pixlr has the Retro vintage effects like MakeRetro, but also lets you use a browser-based photo editor where you can do just about anything to any of your photos.

JpgFUN is exactly what the title promises. The website has many pre-set images that you can plug any image into. Above you can see that I added my photo to a Ugly Betty image.  I had a lot of fun with this one, check out the medallion fifty has on below (all I had to do is click one button and people probably think I’m creative and awesome now). 🙂


4 responses to Easy and creative photo editing

  1. phoenixrisingpsychics

    Your backgrounds are wonderful but also want to add my picture to my about me as well, cannot for the life of me, figure this out. Can you assist using my current background, thanks!


  2. lauraglu

    Sure! Head to the Backgrounds tab at your Edit Page view to Upload your own background. If you have trouble, please contact us at http://support.about with details.

  3. I can upload my picture just fine, did this when I opened my account and put it together…what I can’t do, is add a picture on top of the background, so that the background is not my picture, but something nice. I don’t have photoshop to shop a picture together. What I simply wanted was a place to add an additional frame to put my picture with your wonderful backgrounds.

  4. lauraglu

    Hi! You can add an avatar to your Biography at the bottom of the Biography tab.
    If you’d like 1:1 help with this, please Contact us at http://support.about.me

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