Show off your expertise

We’ve covered a few ways to raise your online profile and gain traction for your page.  We’ve talked about things you can do on your page, and on other social networks to promote yourself and your page. While doing these things you can work on ways to be recognized online, just by your name!

Become a subject matter expert

What are you passionate about? What is something about which you know more than most people? Pick something and become the expert for it. It can be a niche interest or something more mainstream.

Share your expertise everywhere, online and off. Offer to guest blog or participate in interviews online. Reach out to news channels online and off to offer your knowledge. Start a blog, podcast or video channel covering your area of expertise.

Participate in communities like Wikipedia, Quora, Smarterer, Metafilter, Reddit and more to become more well known online in a specific niche.

All of these things will build an audience of people who know you for what you know. Add links to all of this material on your page so it’s easily discoverable.

Monitor your results and reputation

Set up Google Alerts on your name and subjects that interest you. You can find out where you are getting mentioned and where to target efforts on spreading your knowledge.

Check out websites like to dive further into identity management.

Once you know where and how you are being described, you can make changes to refine your presence online.

What other tips would you offer to manage your online reputation?

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  1. designsbyfriday free scan not available as we speak. Apparently they are upgrading their stuff.

    Scan Upgrade
    We’re making some changes to our free scan to incorporate new technology (including photo tracking with facial recognition and automated alerting).

    They say that they will send an email to you when its done if you do try though.

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