about.me on Instagram

Along with our brand new iPhone app, about.me has a shiny new Instagram account. We’ll be sharing our favorite about.me pages from the app and mobile view there, photos from team events and community meetups.

Have an Instagram account? Hashtag a picture of your page with #aboutdotme. And, give us a follow for inspiring pages and a peek into the behind the scenes of about.me. We’re aboutdotme on Instagram!

3 responses to about.me on Instagram

  1. Good evening. Good idea to get on with About.me instagram!
    I am on Instagram since he was born, now two years.
    You can find me as @vivien_80!
    I follow you and if you want to come and see my photo gallery.
    Photos taken and edited: ” 90% with Iphone 4s, edited only with applications for Iphone and remaining 10% with a Nikon D90 “.
    I did some of my work with tag #aboutdotme. Have a great week and thanks for letting me informed of your entry into IG (INSTAGRAM).
    Viviane Mattozzi

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