Featuring tech leaders

Not to be outdone by models and fashion designers, we also have a new video featuring leaders in the tech world.

Stars in this video include Tammy Camp, Om Malik, Chris Sacca, Dick Costolo, Veronica Belmont, Daniel Burka, Tom Conrad, and our own Ryan Freitas and Tony Conrad.

Which do you like best?

4 responses to Featuring tech leaders

  1. Great images… but oh such disappointing copy. Notice that some talk about themselves in third person, which I suppose it a tad preferable to the “I” that is used to kick off the rest of the descriptions. If this is the best they can do I’d say they are all in need of some serious communications advice. Which is staggering when you look at their business profiles.

    I mean, if we don’t actually know who they are, and need to supply some bio, they have lots of opportunities with the linked services to fill us with essential detail. So why waste that precious opening statement? Write something to capture our imaginations; something that will drive us on to read more, click on those links, explore those social media adventures.

    If they were students of mine, I’d send them all away with an assignment to write an “attitude” statement. Stick that up there; see if it increased those click-through statistics on the dashboard.

    Don’t tell me who you are, tell me what you stand for.

  2. lauraglu

    Thanks for the feedback David – what’s your about.me URL? I’d love to see your copy!

  3. Ha….so I’ve put myself under the spotlight…


    Since I started using it as my main web reference point about 4 months ago I’ve had around 520 visits and about 100 click throughs. I think that’s a good start, but I know I need to work on my links now, and see what and what-not, to include.

    I use the URL in my general email signature, especially to prospective clients and publishers. It presents a range of histories/activities and helps establish legitimacy outside of a normal web site.


  4. lauraglu

    Thanks for sharing David – it looks great! We think about.me urls are great to include on LinkedIn, Twitter and elsewhere as well. People recognize it as an easy one stop for more information about you.

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